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Charity Bath Bombs

Drive sales to your retail store by retailing a feature bath bomb for a local cause. Call it a Charity Bath Bomb and give the profits from the sales of that specific bath bomb to a local organization, daycare, sports team or event. Customers LOVE Community involvement and will be loyal to your store because they feel good shopping with you.  

We believe in giving back and will always have Charity Bath Bombs available for sale. Support amazing causes with the following bath bombs;

The Bear Bomb - Handmade with Love in Canada to support saving the Polar Bears. A portion of the profits from The Bear Bomb will go toward adopting a Polar Bear.

The Mush Bomb - Another handmade with Love in Canada Bath Bomb ... made to save the Sled Dogs once they retire from the career they so dearly love.

Join us as we give back to our loving Canadian Community and support a cause.