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Our Ten Commandments - #gozerowaste

This year we are making a passionate commitment to becoming a zero waste company. We realize this is a big change and will require major changes in the way that we operate our business. Below are the Ten Commandments that we as a Company are passionate about following.

Commandment One:

We will strive to leave the world better than we found it. Running a business means that we need to be ethical and conscience about all of the decisions that we make. We offer natural products and therefore we feel that it is only ethical that we offer natural, non-toxic packaging.

Commandment Two:

We promise to make conscience decisions around our packaging so not to contribute to the growing waste in our world. We do not want to destroy the planet, contribute to the destruction of natural environments that other species have to survive in. We want to do what is right in every decision that we make.

Commandment Three:

We will only use fully bio-degradable shrink wrap on our products. We have always used Polyolefin Shrink that will bio-degrade over time. We are making the switch to Biolefin which is a shrink film that will fully bio-degrade within 3-5 years, leaving behind no mess for our planet.

Commandment Four:

If we cannot make a new product in bio-degradable plastic, glass, paper or cardboard ... we will not make the product at all. It is our goal to find alternatives in the coming year for plastic lids - in the meantime we beg you to please recycle these items until we are able to find a replacement.

Commandment Five:

No more bubble wrap! This one is one that we have struggled with for some time. Moving forward you will receive your products in our standard cardboard boxes with kraft paper filler.

Commandment Six:

No more plastic storage bags. In the past, we used plastic storage bags for our mini bath bombs and steamers. Moving forward you will receive the mini's and steamers in kraft paper bags.

Commandment Seven:

Only paper labels!! Did you know that vinyl labels are a massive contributor to the micro plastic tragedy that is plaguing our waterways and environment today. When a vinyl sticker breaks down, it leaves behind tiny pieces of micro-plastic that ultimately pollute our landfills and waterways. Paper labels may not look as pretty as we would all like but, we feel it is better to be the most ethical product on the shelf rather than the prettiest one in the store.

Commandment Eight:

To be conscience from start to finish in our manufacturing process and facility. We will strive everyday to reduce, re-use and recycle so to not contribute to the war on waste. Every little change we make today will affect the way the environment and nature is left for tomorrow.

Commandment Nine:

Act as we speak! We are not only making these changes in our business. Throughout 2020, we will strive to be zero waste in our homes. We will encourage and reward our staff for also going zero waste and making changes to improve our environment. 

Commandment Ten:

Respect all living things. There are 8.7 million species on planet earth. We are passionate about making sure that their natural habitats stay clean and free from toxic, plastic packaging. We all have to do our part to make the planet healthy again and keep it beautiful for our children and the generations to come.