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Keep it Fresh

Build beautiful displays with a table of bath bombs in glass or stainless steel bowls. Keep the display well stocked and full at all times. Empty displays will not sell bath bombs as well as full ones. Use a bundle pricing strategy 1 for $6.95 or 4 for $25  to increase your average invoice and make greater profits.
Displays full of variety and colour create fun and excitement in your retail space. Remember to use a great pricing strategy to create volume purchases. 1 for $6.95 or 4 for $25has been a huge success with many of our retail partners.
Create a great shopping experience by offering a wide variety of products. Steamers in candy jars attracts customers and makes them want to pick and purchase. Place near a checkout for an easy upsell! Use a fantastic bundle pricing strategy to move more. 1 for $2.95 or 5 for $10 or a Buy 6 Get 1 FREE
More bowls and lots of baskets create great variety and an easy display to shop. It is about making it an easy pick and purchase shopping experience.